Tiburon and I guess the whole world is going to have to start making airspace rules.

I don’t care if you have a quadropter. I don’t care that you have an HD mounted camera on a gimble. I don’t even care that you love our open space and want to practice. But just like people who get nervous about whether google glass is recording, it’s probably pretty important not to fly a drone mounted with a HD camera in front of someone’s private window or house. There is no possible way for any public to view into my house, basically.

As soon as I started recording this guy, he recalled the drone and took off. I am sure it was harmless play, but it was the first time I was surprised and confronted by the future, in my own home…. through a window that no one can look through. Creepy.

Except a drone. In public airspace. With zero protocol, rules of conduct, or anything. That’s very interesting.

I am no conspiracy guy… I think *WE* the public are a whole bunch of tiny big brothers, and the gov big brother can’t tie it’s shoe.

So I really wonder what footage this guy got. It felt sort of a violation, until I realized I was luckily fully dressed, and I am not that important to begin with.

We need to speed up the chat about quadropter and drone ethics and protocol.

If you fly an unmanned aerial vehicle in front of your neighbor’s windows, is that trespassing? http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2012/10/if-i-fly-a-uav-over-my-neighbors-house-is-it-trespassing/263431/

These are curious questions. I am just a normal guy who doesn’t matter and doesn’t particularly believe in the necessity of privacy (versus civil liberties).

And I felt violated. That’s wild to me.  If that’s not hyperbole, the amount of laws about this stuff in the next few years is going to be wild. That’s not hyperbolic in any way.

Hopefully the neophyte panic and luddite fear-mongering doesn’t squander the epic potential of such powerful tools.  But let’s hope idiots with drones don’t ruin it with themselves and their thoughtful play.  That guy should not have been hovering in front of our homes like that.



It was cute to see him notice me with a camera filming him, recall the drone while crouching, and getting out of there.  He probably was harmless and just realized he was in front of houses, which is a no-no.



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  1. hotelzululima

    A Sling shot or better yet a south american bolo from fishing weights and steel leader will bring that annoyance down safely and legally if its over your property 🙂



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