*I wrote most of the words, except where noted.  I shamelessly cribbed all these anon pics from the internet and I am sorry.  If you see this and want credit for anything, let me know.

I hadn’t seen a simple timeline of all the various stuff that links all of Quentin Tarantino’s movies together.  So here it is, in boring, linear, concise format.  I am taken these things for granted. Tarantino has confirmed almost all of this, but I am being fairly matter of fact.  Yes, there’s the kahuna burger and apple cigarettes that appear all over his films. Yes.  But there’s more….

At the bottom, you will also see that people have spent way more time than me, figuring out that John Shaft’s universe is connected via Django and Broomhilda… Shaft is their descendant.  Her surname is “Von Shaft”. Then there’s the Elmore Leanord universe…. so yeah, I am sure I missing some stuff.  Let me know!


1) Django Unchained –

Tarantino confirms that his universe is linked in this film, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3b2dH6n3Qg

Christopher Walken, “Koons”, aka watch up the rear gent from Pulp Fiction is a descendant of the guy from the poster.


walken koons



But, the minor character could be this minor too:


a comment from that article about Tarantino’s interwoven realities:

“””””The ‘minor character’ QT mentioned is probably that of Paula Schultz, the woman who’s grave Beatrix was buried in in Kill Bill…her tombstone indicates that she died in the late 1800’s, which would have been the time King Schultz died naturally if he wasn’t killed…so, she was probably a wife…””””””””


shcultz tarantino


Kill Bill’s Beatrix was in Schult’z wife’s grave.  This wouldn’t fit with Quentin’s “Movie movie universe” theory of Kill Bill being a movie his characters would watch in his reality.  But as you will see later about Lawman McGraw, there’s crossover character’s so I think it’s pretty loose.


2) Inglorious Basterds:

Cracked theory extrapolated on Reddit here: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/ubaqq/what_fan_theories_have_blown_your_mind_with_their/c4tzvnn

but *VERY* summed up:

Donny “The Jew Bear” Donowitz brutally kills Hitler in a movie theatre in QT’s “real” reality.  The following years have a movie and pop culture obsessed, violence desensitized, public who celebrate theatres as holy places… and are used to absolutely brutal violence in most ways.  There’s the reality of Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, etc… and the movies that those people would see are Death Proof, Kill Bill, From Dusk to Dawn (which are all extremely violent by QT’s standards, and the products over a hyperviolent world).

But the public has been desensitized.. For example- Jules and Verne don’t flinch when the kid’s head gets blown off in Pulp Fiction… they actually just seem annoyed.  Or Butch with the gimp scene and killing people, or Vega in Reservoir Dogs casually cutting a cop’s ear off and joking around about it.  The public eats up violence… and the mind blower:

the bear tarantino

Donny The Jew Bear Donowitz, WWII Hitler killing hero, is True Romance’s Lee Donowitz’s father.  Remember that movie producer who was producing war movies?  Would it be surprising that a hero’s son would end up producing violent war films like “Bring ’em Home in a Body Bag”.

Brad Pitt’s stoner character on the couch of True Romance was “the grandson of Sergeant Donnie Donowitz from Inglourious Basterds” per IMDB

3) Reservoir Dogs

Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction and Mr Blond, aka Vic Vega from Reservoir Dogs were brothers. Tarantino was going to write a hitmen brother prequel, but they got too old.  Look! he internet had fun with pics:

vega brothers tarantino vega bros


The diamonds in Reservoir Dogs are in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.  In Reservoir Dogs, Big Joe says he is going to unload the diamonds on a guy “Marcellus”.

Harvey Keitel, in Reservoir Dogs, said he had a partner named Alabama, as well… which links Reservoir Dogs and True Romance.

And Blond’s parole officer was named Scagnetti, like the name of the cop hunting Mallor and Mickey Knox in Natural Born Killers. But that’s probably a “movie movie”, and they are probably not related?

4) Pulp Fiction

Butch’s samurai sword is related to Beatrix’s?

Mia Wallace’s failed TV show plot, “Fox Force Five” sounds an awful lot like the plot for Kill Bill.

5) Kill Bill

Earl McGraw, lawman, is also in Death Proof and From Dusk to Dawn, as a crossover character.

There’s a theory that The Wolf from Pulp Fiction will turn up in Kill Bill 3 as the villain. Not sure that’s true, but hey, why not.  This is born from the fact that QT called him a crossover character, yet we’ve only seen him once.

What did I miss? To be updated.  OH YES… and here’s what was really inside the briefcase in Pulp Fiction:


briefcase tarantino





tarantino universe reality tarantino universe final

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  1. Juan Scherer

    Tarantino Universe

    Chronological order of the films:

    1 – Django Unchained
    2- The Hateful Eight
    3 – From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter
    4 – Inglourious Basterds
    5 – Reservoir Dogs
    6 – True Romance
    7 – Natural Born Killers
    8 – Four Rooms
    9 – Jackie Brown
    10 – Death Proof
    11 – Planet Terror
    12 – From Dusk Till Dawn
    13 – From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money
    14 – Curdled
    15 – Pulp Fiction
    16 – Kill Bill Volume 1
    17 – Kill Bill Volume 2


    Dr. King Schultz and Paula Schultz – King Dr. Schulz is a character in the movie “Django Unchained,” German dentist turned bounty hunter. Paula Schultz is the name of that grave Beatrix Kiddo character of the Bride films “Kill Bill Volume 1 and Kill Bill Volume 2” was buried. Paula Schultz was the wife of Dr. King Schultz.

    Gerald Nash, Marvin Nash and Gerald Nash – Gerald Nash is a member of Gang Bacall. Django Freeman and Dr. King Schultz are searching for their leader, Smitty Bacall, in the movie “Django Unchained.” Marvin Nash is the tortured cop in “Reservoir Dogs.” Gerald Nash is a policeman killed by the Knox couple, his death is mentioned in the TV program in “Natural Born Killers”. Gerald Nash is the great-grandfather of Gerald and Marvin. Marvin and Gerald are cousins.

    Crazy Craig Koons and Captain Koons – Crazy Craig Koons is a member of Gang Bacall. Django Freeman and Dr. King Schultz are searching for their leader, Smitty Bacall, in the movie “Django Unchained.” Captain Koons is a character in “Pulp Fiction”, played by Christopher Walken. Crazy Craig Koons is the great-grandfather of Captain Koons.

    Red Apple Cigarettes – the cigarette brand created by Tarantino can be seen in the films “Django Unchained,” “Inglourious Basterds,” “Reservoir Dogs,” “Four Rooms,” “Death Proof,” “Planet Terror,” “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Kill Bill Volume 1 “and” Kill Bill Volume 2.”

    Santanico Pandemonium – is a character in the movie “From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter” and “From Dusk Till Dawn.” Santanico is a stripper in the club Titty Twister in Mexico, she is also a vampire queen. In “From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter” is revealed that her real name was Esmeralda.

    Titty Twister – is a vampire bar that appears in the movies “From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter” and “From Dusk Till Dawn”. The curious fact is that in the movie “From Dusk Till Dawn” it is completely destroyed, but in the movie “From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money” there’s another vampire bar with the same name.

    Razor Charlie and Razor Eddie – are the brothers working as bartender in Titty Twister, and are also vampires. Razor Charlie appears in the movies “From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman’s Daughter” and “From Dusk Till Dawn.” Razor Eddie in the movie “From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money.”

    Sergeant Donny Donowitz and filmmaker Lee Donowitz – Sergeant Donny Donowitz is a character in the movie “Inglourious Basterds”, member of the Bastards, known as The Bear Jew. The filmmaker Lee Donowitz is a very successful film producer in Hollywood, character in the movie “True Romance”. Lee is the son of Sergeant Donny Donowitz.

    Vic Vega and Vincent Vega – Vic Vega, aka Vic Palito or Mr. Blonde is a bank robber character with psychopath mentality in the movie “Reservoir Dogs.” Vincent Vega is a gangster in the movie “Pulp Fiction.” Vic and Vincent are brothers.

    Larry Dimmick, Alabama Whitma and Jimmie Dimmick – Larry is known as Mr. White, a bank robber, a character from the movie “Reservoir Dogs.” Jimmie Dimmick is a character from “Pulp Fiction”, played by Quentin Tarantino. Alabama Whitman is the main character in the movie “True Romance”. Larry Dimmick has already done some criminal work in partnership with Alabama Whitman. Larry Dimmick is also the uncle of Jimmie Dimmick.

    The briefcase with diamonds in the movie “Reservoir Dogs” is the same mysterious briefcase in “Pulp Fiction.”

    Big Kahuna Burger – Fictitious Hawaiian restaurant. It appears or is mentioned in the following films “Reservoir Dogs,” “Four Rooms,” “Death Proof,” “From Dusk Till Dawn” and “Pulp Fiction.”

    Gas Can – Petrol gallon in the Tarantino universe. It shows up in “Reservoir Dogs,” “Pulp Fiction” and “Kill Bill Volume 2.”

    Seymour Scagnetti and Jack Scagnetti – Seymour Scagnetti is the officer mentioned in the movie “Reservoir Dogs” by Mr. Blonde. Detective Jack Scagnetti chases the Knox couple in the movie “Natural Born Killers”. Seymour and Jack are brothers.

    Jack Rabbit Slim’s – Fifties style restaurant mentioned on the radio during the death of Mr. Blonde in “Reservoir Dogs”. In fact, it is the only restaurant in the movie “Pulp Fiction.”

    Fruit Brute Cereal is a cereal brand that was actually on the market in the 70s. Another characteristic of Tarantino’s movies, it appears in the movies “Reservoir Dogs” and “Pulp Fiction.”

    Long Hair Yuppie Scum-, discrete character who appears in the film “Four Rooms” vomiting and running during the restaurant robbery of the film “Pulp Fiction.”

    Teriyaki Donut, Japanese restaurant in the films of Quentin Tarantino, presented in “Jackie Brown” and “Pulp Fiction.”

    Acuna Boys Tex-Mex Food – food brand in Tarantino universe with references in films the “Jackie Brown” and “Death Proof.”

    Butch Coolidge and Livingston Beaumont – Beaumont Livingston is a character played by Chris Tucker in the movie “Jackie Brown.” Butch is played by Bruce Willis in the movie “Pulp Fiction”. Both characters live in the same neighborhood.

    Jungle Julia is a popular radio DJ in Austin, Texas with a broad knowledge of music. Character in the movie “Death Proof”, his death is mentioned on the radio in the movie “Planet Terror”.

    The crazy babysitter twins are characters who have a cameo participation in the movie “Death Proof” and become more important in the movie “Planet Terror.”

    Sheriff Earl McGraw, Sheriff Edgar McGraw and Dr. Dakota Block – Sheriff Earl McGraw is a character from the movie “Death Proof”, “Planet Terror”, “From Dusk Till Dawn” and “Kill Bill Volume 2.” Sheriff Edgar McGraw is a character of the film “Death Proof,” “From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money” and “Kill Bill Volume 2”. Dr. Dakota Block is a character in the movies “Death Proof” and “Planet Terror”. Sheriff Earl McGraw is the father of Sheriff Edgar McGraw and Dr. Dakota Block.

    G.O. Juice is a juice brand that appears in the movie “Death Proof” and “Kill Bill Volume 1.”

    Jasper is a character that wants to sell a car in the movie “Death Proof” and tries to abuse the bride character in the movie “Kill Bill Volume 1” and “Kill Bill Volume 2.”

    Gecko Brothers are the main characters in the movie “From Dusk Till Dawn” and also appear on the TV show Miami DOA news in the movie “Curdled”.

    A reporter in the movies “From Dusk Till Dawn” and “Curdled” reporting the crimes that are occurring.

    Gabriela / Esmeralda Villalobos is the same character that only changes her name. In the movie “Curdled” she is called Gabriela and in the movie “Pulp Fiction” her name is Esmeralda Villalobos.

    The samurai sword – Butch Coolidge, character in the movie “Pulp Fiction”, and the bride character in the films “Kill Bill Volume 1” and “Kill Bill Volume 2” use swords made by Hattori Hanzo character in the movie “Kill Bill Volume 1 “.

  2. Olivia

    A nurse named Bonnie is mentioned in Pulp Fiction, the wife of Jimmy Dimmick, and in a deleted scene in Reservoir Dogs Mr. White, Mr. Pink, and Nice-Guy Eddie discuss taking Mr. Orange to a nurse named Bonnie.

  3. fdredcap

    In From Dusk Till Dawn the Geko brothers are trying to get to El Ray Mexico. El Wrey who looks Mexican is one of the main characters in Plant Terror.

  4. Matt M

    Is it possible that Antwan Rockamora, aka “Tony Rocky Horror” has some connection to “Big Kahuna Burger?” He is described as an overweight Samoan.

    I have read somewhere the possibility that the real reason Marcellus dropped Tony out of a window was not because he gave Mia a foot massage but because he had something to do with the theft of the case. Is it possible that Brett picked up the case from Tony at the same time they picked up the burgers at Big Kahuna Burger?

    • Uncle Fishbits

      This is AMAZING. I think you are absolutely right. This was in another thread:

      “Marcellus threw Antwan Rockamora out of a window because Antwan stole the case from Marcellus. Antwan owns Big Kahuna Burger (being a large and half Samoan), where Brett and Marvin go to collect the case as well as a few tasty burgers.”

      Then found this:

      “Brett clearly has seen Marcellus, we assume that they’ve been introduced.

      I don’t think Marcellus would waste much time with them either.
      Instead, he would have someone like Tony Rocky-Horror handle the “business” they share.

      We know Marvin is the inside man, a spy who works for Marcellus. In error, Brett trusts Marvin, who must have been with them all night (it’s 07:30 when they are shot). Since it makes sense that Marvin was hiding out with them over night, he could have left to get burgers and made the call to Marcellus about being able to let them in the apt at 7:25. (Marvin unlocks the door)

      We don’t know why Tony was tossed off the balcony, but we know he has a speech impediment.

      Maybe Brett and the the suitcase ARE the reason?

      Imagine Tony Rocky-Horror gave the case to Brett (who knows why, day dreaming about Mia’s feet?), who, along with his buddies (Marvin included) ,then vanish.

      Tony’s mistake is uncovered, and he is tossed from the balcony, but the case is still lost. Grapevine talks.

      Marvin, being loyal to Marcellus calls in the location when he’s out getting breakfast at Big Kahuna Burgers

      Vincent and Jules get the call at 7am from Marcellus to be at Brett’s apt at 7:25am, which doesn’t leave them time to get shotguns.

      When they arrive at 7:22 they have to hang back so they can be sure Marvin will answer the door.
      During this short period we learn about Tony and Mia. All of which is a wonderfully non-linear way of getting to the Tony Rocky-Horror story, a story which might wrap up just as Vincent’s Malibu is being keyed by Butch.

      So Marcellus didn’t trust Brett with a thing, but did trust Tony Rocky-Horror, fucked him like a bitch.”

  5. sam

    So just watched from dusk till dawn and the ranger who rich kills has the same name as the sherriff in kill bill but dusk till dawn happens first?


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