Okay… Matheson’s vampires ARE zombies. If there had been zombies, that is what they would have been…. but when you read the book, you know the departure from vampire lore is intense.

In fact I am sure the vampire fans on other lists have had screaming mad arguments that the vampires weren’t vampires, but zombies.

Just because they are called vampires doesn’t mean that all of us miss the metaphor of what they were…. the middle class waiting to consume the last standout of consumerism and mindless society defeating the individual. The inevitable, undying onslaught.

One vampire can kill you. One zombie, for all intensive purposes, cannot. It is supposed to be the overwhleming number of zombies…or whatever… that make it almost not worth fighting. It is why Neville is drinking so heavily… listening to music… he is trying to drown out the constant barrage of inevitable death coming from every point in his house… all the rattling windows, etc….

Correct me if I wrong…
no vampire story has suggested multiple vampires? It is about the individual. Or at least, the one who starts all the others.

This was not… so he took a viable idea, and extrapolated it to mean something different. He never meant them to be the silent, sexual creeping around in the night biting people storyline….

Matheson created zombies. And those fuckers were mean. It was a vampire no one had ever concieved of. I know I know I know they weren’t zombies…. but this is where all our shit comes from… I mean… isn’t this obvious?

OKAY… as far as running zombies. I prefer slower ones.

But the movie that started the whole zombie craze, the canon… the rosetta stone… Night of the Living Dead.

Before you respond, watch the first five minutes. The first Romero zombie we ever see is RUNNING LIKE A FUCKING BAT OUT OF HELL. When Barbara gets in the car…. he is chasing her. If that isn’t running I don’t know what is. It is DEFINITELY not ambling.

So…. the first zombie ever in the movie that everyone claims started it… is running. Doesn’t that fuck up our whole slow moving zombie thing? I mean… I like slow because it is about the inevitability of death, not being able to overcome it….

But I mean… look with your own eyes. He is running.

Okay… discuss. I hope. Or ignore it. Whatever.

But I think zombies are a literary metaphor for consumption, mindless consumerism, and the middle class consuming itself (I have a better lawnmower, I have a better TV, look at my new drapes, I will ear YOUR BRAIN)… etc….

I don’t think this is a black and white thing is all I am saying.

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