Why Mars?

Carl Sagan said it best:

tl;dr – we’re finite, the earth is finite, and we’ve evolved to survive at all costs. It may look like an odd step, going to another planet in our solar system, but the fact is every step is a baby step until you look back at this pale, blue dot, and remember the lives and experiences that finally got us to re-seed this universe in a way that will allow our endless existence.

Since the beginning of time, we have been travelers and wanderers. Unlike most animals, we don’t necessarily develop a pure equilibrium with nature, and we’ve constantly used up resources throughout time, whether a berry patch that had the tribe wander onward, or all our fuel and our planet such that it may become inhospitable to us, one day. In that, we always shall pressure ourselves to move on, to explore, to adventure in a brutal desire to educate ourselves in a way that might allow us to proliferate and fight for our chance to survive in this brutal, cold, uncaring universe. In understanding a universal timeline, not just geologic, we can already be prepared to deal with the fact that a planet is finite, whether humans draw resources from it, or alter the environment. There is a natural inclination to survive, at all costs, such that humans will always have an ineffable and somewhat confusing impulse to put themselves in danger, or struggle against bizarre odds, just to keep our lineage intact.

It’s not about the moon. It’s not about Mars. It’s about survival, and survival is about having options, and knowing the odds. We can’t remain here forever. The time frame of that reality is beyond millenia and generations, and by the time we’ve been able to jump off this planet, we’re not even going to be recognizable as the humans we know and love, now.

I know…. you’re thinking “entropy”. I’m thinking that the entire goal is to survive into the waxing moments of universal existence, so we can huddle together on a broken rock devoid of energy and watch this grand experiment become frozen in time, knowing our intelligence and perseverance was the great moment in the entire history of this cosmos.

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