I commented on a Twitter ad with a snarky joke, as I am prone to do. Banksy has that whole “If ads are speaking to you in a public space, you have the right to respond”.

Almost immediately after commenting, it started getting favorited like crazy. I do NOT understand the way Twitter uses favorites. At all. But over the last week, this has been favorited constantly.

However, as soon as tweeting it… here it is existing in my stream:

acorns blog
It stopped showing up in the actual conversation. Which I can understand…. too many replies. Not sure how they choose to sort that.  BUT… any link *of my actual tweet response* leads to the original conversation *without* my tweet existing:

You won’t see it.

If you want to see it, I pinned it here for this purpose, and you should be able to RT it, and get the same “empty retweet box” glitch I speak about below

WHY IS A DIFFERENT TWEET *MY* Status. A different handle is *my* status, without my actual tweet anywhere to be seen?

Notice the first response being crying laughing, in response to a tweet between Acorns’ and his? It is as if that original Acorns’ tweet is masking my status?

When I go to Retweet that status (from my hotel account)…. the original tweet, the retweet box is a “blank space”. It does actually retweet the status, though.:

acron blog rt
Lastly, if I DM the Tweet to someone, they get a snapshot of the tweet itself, but when they click the link, it’s back to the acorns tweet under my status.

acorns blog dm
The above leads to the below status….. Uncle Fishbits’ status in the url, but Acorns’ status in the image. Why? Huh?

acorns blog url
My main non-conspiracy question, because this isn’t about me:
Whatever the case, my tweet disappeared from the conversation immediately.
How have all these people “favoriting” the tweet been able to find or see it unless they are all crawling my timeline? I believe I have demonstrated it would be impossible (I *just* pinned the tweet 10 minutes ago), and trust me….

those random people are *not* all crawling my timeline to *all* RT that *one* tweet. I’m not some retweetable guy.  

What’s going on?

This thing is one of my most RT’d status, & certainly my most favorited. It was a throw away comment…. something is odd and off. Any idea?

Note: the url user ID shows a different user’s status. Why?

Here I heard you like more proof, or at least videos.

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