So… your point on my Fishbits FB was sanguine (he said “why do you talk so bad about FB while posting so much?).  However, where you said I had posted 20 some odd posts since early June, I hadn’t actually been on the site for a month.  I had two accounts… the one that is for work and just a big info page with no wall, and then the fishbits one that I just cancelled.

That Fishbits account had my kindle, my tumblr, and my blog auto-feeding into it.  All those quotes weren’t natively posted in Facebook – they were batch entered in tumblr at about 2am a year ago, and I queued up about 8 months of quotes.  So it was a one time thing that auto posts daily and then is fed into Facebook.  Explaining that is even idiotic because as my sister pointed out:  no one knows, no one cares, all they know is that your posts take up their whole wall and it’s annoying (she was not that brutal).  It’s a great point… I always thought that people would understand where posts originate and how they exist in FB, how you can hide them and control what you see, etc.

But that’s the problem with Facebook… “too much stuff”.  It’s overwhelming now – or at least confusing enough to not pay attention to their flawed, funky architecture.


This is the penultimate end of my Facebook rantings.

I hate FB from a biz end, so I scream about it.  I wouldn’t have a profile if I didn’t have to manage pages.

The post is about FB trying to monetize, and the precarious faux economy being built around FB – apps being built for biz on the API, PR/Marketing campaigns, travel/hospitality allocating already thin labor and $$ resources to manage it, #atme11 #omtravel #smtravel conferences that cost thousands and generate thousands (it’s all bullshit, mostly) etc…. there is so much self interest that no one will step back and realize that there will *NEVER* be a consumer on Facebook. They can be on ebay beforehand, then amazon after…. but it’s simply a pass through.  When a bubble bursts, travel/tourism/hospitality is hurt first and greatest.  We are *ALREADY* hurt from the previous recession… and now we are spreading ourselves thin into bullshit.  I want to be loud and proud in telling my compatriots – WAKE THE FUCK UP.

I rather be happily wrong than right any day.  It’s just better to be prepared rather than caught off guard, which is what I see happening in our industry. The groupthink is ridiculous. 

My sis didn’t get why I am so fired up about this stuff… and why I hate FB so much. Why I think it’s failed, failing and should die.  She asked me… “you almost seem to take it personally”. This is what I said…

I sort of do. I see where this is heading. Gov 2.o will provide public access and oversite to government waste and self interest. It will streamline business and create massive savings (effiencies, labor) while creating transparency and internally handle potential scandals before they happen with corporate wide accountability and access – as well as providing new tools to regulate ethical behavior so stock holders will have a better sense of what is happening – the market will find itself more stable and healthy as well.

This stuff will heal many problems. And right now? Biz simply wants to exploit users. The tools we have right now are so flawed b/c we are in the first 1% of all this comm revolution.  It just seems like we are wasting time when its simply new and we haven’t grasped it yet. I just want to be part of pushing us past the giddy bullshit phase and see how we can create a utopia. Its not really that idealistic, as vague a notion as utopian is.

So in answer to your question, Mr. Howard, is this ramble.  I just need to make sure to keep the rant pointed at the right audience, and it may not be worthless or on facebook. You are right that it *certainly* doesn’t make sense to post it on Facebook. Maybe?  Maybe it raises consciousness?  Facebook isn’t the hallmark of active philosophizing.  Even “liking” is a wantonly passive and meaningless activity.

I know some Worthless guys interact with social media and it’s on their radar, so maybe it is relevant.

I just see a red giant collapsing and the black hole is going to be ugly.  So Imma gona talk about it.

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