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People are concerned. It used to be a world of just *DO* science without our full awareness of the consequences. It was just a general thirst for knowledge coupled with a panic of discovery driven by a primal human capitalism. I believe this led to be the blood on his hands, of which Oppenheimer spoke about. *Now*, there is an awareness that scientific discovery has very real consequences now and in the immediate future, while we prepare to innovate ourselves towards perpetuity. Like Nellie said in Contact… if we can get through our technological immaturity, and learn without killing ourselves in the meantime, the human race has the capacity to be infinite. What we look like at the end of it, however, is just what these tiny conversations are currently about. The current ethical issues will be forgotten in time, and our future selves won’t understand how much we cared what we become… but the nature of evolution is as murky as how human the human race will be when we get to the finish line. I am hoping distant relatives intone a slight humanity at the end of time, while being evolved enough to withstand the infinite crispness of entropy, moving through a frozen time where energy has ebbed to a blackened figment. No one beats the outcome of this universe, but I still have hope a vestige of the human race will be party to it.