Quantified, measured data is knowing. Deeply understanding math is a verifiable infrastructure to reason. But the last comment [ed note: a comment that you don’t get to see, and it may be for the best because a) it isn’t really that important, and b) attempting to discuss knowledge already seems pretentious enough so I haven’t the desire to give you any capacity for knowing to any degree at all, when this is all over] isn’t about knowledge, it’s about the fallibility or self awareness of the individual you are speaking about. It’s like people who read one book a year will probably read twilight and they will probably think it is amazing. People that read 40 books a year are more likely to be very critical of all 40, comparatively.

The fact is the person who thinks they are aware, are typically not. It’s only the ones with the prescience to understand the complexity of all these systems that will understand how much more there is to learn, or comprehend. Those claiming awareness are typically confused, or selling something.

I try not get too locked into philosophy & semantics and the imprecise way we use and conceive of language. The fact is, it’s a dead end of endless logical traps, and fuzzy thinking. It’s the way one “words” things, and how you let your mind fall into the trap of equivocating their meaning…. possibly.

But if it can’t be quantified, it’s all just philosophy. Math is knowing.

I do know that I get very distrusting of post modernist thought, and Derrida’s Deconstructionist stuff. I don’t like relativism, and think it is incredibly dangerous.

The oh so fine line you draw about when you “know” something, however, is a bit arcane and might be irrelevant – at least to me. I am a hotelier – so, when did I go from grinding it out and working in a lot of hotels and being manager of different departments to understanding I was a hotelier?? I don’t think it happens like that…. it isn’t necessarily a ladder or staircase leading to an ultimate awareness or knowledge. It’s a continuum, more like a feedback loop of receiving new data, processing it in your noggin’, and adjusting the previous course. It’s a constant learning experience…. and I doubt anyone that “knows” wouldn’t know there is always more to learn.

Some days I think I am a badass hotelier that knows what’s what, and then other days the unpredictable aspects of life humble me and I learn something powerful or important. I just think the greater importance lies in that self awareness that growth is an ultimately timeless escapade, and gathering knowledge is of the noblest ventures.

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