Okay this was a ramble. Coffee laden.

Everything is a waste of time by nature. I find the way I spend my time to be something to be profoundly vigilant about. It might be hypocritical, then, to get drunk…. but I did stop debating or wasting time on believers, way back in college.

See… two things:

The world view of faith that is born in a religious person’s mind typically negates their ability to understand your line of deductive reasoning / inductive reasoning…. they don’t need evidence or an orderly system to arrive at conclusions.

As an atheist, I am sick of them. Atheism is a lack of belief. That is a passive lack of belief. That means talking about it makes you an asshole. That’s like me going on and on and on about a floating bowl of ice cream that isn’t actually there. Could you imagine? I can.

I realize that there are two types of atheists – the ones that never had a belief structure or organized faith. These have a much more mellow attitude, typically. It’s the atheists who lost religion who seem *so* angry, because, well, I would be too. But the problem is that atheism will never fill a belief system’s shoes, because it’s a lack of belief. I think people need to realize “organized atheists” are about as sensical as “organized anarchists”. People who “need” something can use humanism to organize into a little club.

Me? I never had it. I mentioned this before, but as soon as I realized that Santa would have burnt up in the sky, due to the friction – what chance would any God have?

In the end, at about the age of 3, when I could really read and start understanding it, this damn sign (below) in my room made me freaked out. No thanks, bud. I can totally keep that thing, I am fine. Creepy dude. Don’t take a damn thing.  But the whole poem was nearly religious, for me, as a 3 year old, and it was read vaguely like this:

Now I lady me down to sleepy,

I pray (?) the Lord (scottish landowner? What in the hell?) ,

My SOUL (why is this even coming up?) to keep (Uhh, that shit is mine, sir landowner dude).


I pray the Lord my soul to TAKE?!?!?!?!??! (MOM WHAT IN THE HELL JESUS LORD ALMIGHTY).


Remember I was 3. I was precocious. That poem just messed with my head, and it actually is at the core of most of my issues, potentially. I wish it were that simple. Happy to share. We all have things. What are your things?

Now, I just get crazy spiritual having a picnic and staring at wildflowers. I think that’s just naturalism? Transcendtalism?  NO. It’s just trying to be at peace. I get excited about leaves.


I pray the lord my soul to keep

The creepiest freaking poem to have over a kids head. Messed me up.

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