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But is it doomsday? What do we know? What is Trump, what can we predict, and what is the Republican Platform and it’s influence?

We don’t know much.  Here are some things we know, on the level of reaction:

1) Canada’s immigration site kept crashing on Tuesday.

2) We know Bill Moyers thinks it is the End of America. It’s truly a wonderful read for the dignified that “loved” this country.

3) The New Yorker has said it is an American Tragedy.

4) And safe to say that Deadpin’s Concourse keyboard didn’t even work.

5) And the ACLU is lawyered up… uhh… more.

6) Even Steve Kerr, coach of the Warriors, had an impromptu, rare personal rant that was eloquent and impassioned:

7) The sweetest thing are the people trying to help kids understand this terrible, awful man. Now, I’ve been pretty non-partisan, but he’s on record with so much, I am just fine saying that.

8) I also think one of the most fascinating things I’ve read is about Facebook and Twitter contending with their filter bubble and the confirmation bias that was created. THAT is amazing. I’d never even met a Trump supporter.

9) Of course, we’ve got people worried about Nuclear War… and thinking of that is mind boggling. It’s the first time “nuclear war” has literally been worried about in 25 years, and 20 policy years prior to that.

10) California has some breathtaking words from the Senate Pro Tem, and they’re worth a read for people who are scared, or worried. I was cheering when I read this and WOW!

11) We have people planning for how to handle the autocracy.

12) But others taking it as well as possible, and being leaders in reassuring the public…..

Here’s a 10 Step Program that may be flawed, but it’s real cute and comforting.

13) Here’s a smart notation about why it will be ok by a popular comic blog.

14) And plenty think opinion polls in the US (when not asking people about Trump and making them “Trump Shy“), there’s no way we can go back.

14) Even more energized are the people in other stages of grief that include the possibility of a surprise electoral “GO ROGUE” vote on Dec 19th. Now, before you click this link… I want you to know, our electoral college is AWESOME bizarre. Just awe inspiring… she literally has a chance if the electoral voters have a conscious.


how will he ACTUALLY behave and act? What’s his thing? Will he tow the Republican line? He was a limo liberal until a few years ago.

1) We know he has a maddening and surreal amount of conflicts of interest, and a blind trust isn’t going to cut it.

2) He’s got a bunch of lawsuits, from underage sex to Trump University, and more. An unprecedented amount of lawsuits for a president elect. And you can’t pardon yourself.

3) He might be able to get through the infrastructure repairs we need, which would be astonishing.  Those with confirmation bias will say Obama never got it through. But these are the same people mockingly jesting “you didn’t build that” without the context of a conversation on infrastructure. A sound bite derails our country, yet again.  This is basically pushing Obama’s agenda.

4) Trump isn’t going to be able to stop clean energy, which sadly (for those who voted for him) means the rust belt coal isn’t coming back. It’s not feasible, and the market doesn’t enjoy this precept.  People will buy what’s cheapest… solar and wind have made it wildly more feasible to blend all energies than rely on one.  This is important, because he’s already looking at appointing a climate denier to the EPA.

5) Manufacturing jobs cannot come back, of course, because they don’t exist. So many jobs have disappeared, and there are more to come.  Mind this post I did that delves into the Oxford study about 48% of jobs disappearing in the next 25 years.  This is going to hurt Trump, frankly, as he cannot re-introduce this industry after its time has passed.

6) Here was a rabbit hole. I am very worried about National Parks, Public Lands, BLM, Interior, Fish and Game lands….. VERY WORRIED. But why? We don’t know anything.

We know what the Republicans want. In fact, I put a copy/paste blog post up of the Republican Platform 2016 in regards to what *IT* says about Land Use. You can find that here. My silly plea to Trump is here.

It wouldn’t be bad to peruse the entire Republican Platform, which you can find here. I know Republican and Trump are different.

That isn’t too encouraging.  The other thing is that they want to turn it to the states, more on that vote here, and also right here.

But how will *TRUMP* act? Well, this interview is definitely not as dour or discouraging, and he could be in conflict with the Republican platform.

Now…. as hopeful as we might want to be, they have floated Sarah Palin or Lucas Oil exec to helm the Department of Interior. If that isn’t the most terrifying thing you’ve ever heard, you can see the horror show of an entire list of speculative cabinet members here. Those are some bad people. Or not good. Or just slimy. Newt, Guliani, Christie. Not so super.

7) He used to be pro choice. Now, not so sure about Planned Parenthood. Another thing….

Roe vs Wade is definitely on the table. It almost would certainly end up that states could outlaw abortions.  But, nowadays we have the morning after pill. Abortion isn’t the only options. There’s also distributed planning help across the country, through social networks within communities. I am not saying that Roe vs Wade repeal wouldn’t be brutal, but I am saying it isn’t like the 40’s.

8) Marriage equality….. there would be a complex set of things to trigger revisiting this.  But it could happen.

9) Pot? It’s been mandated in a referendum way, by the voters, so it would be complex to start Federally enforcing. But it’s Trump.

10) AHA Obamacare is done? Or… is it? Saying “repeal Obamacare” doesn’t mean anything as it is a many tentacled beast. The Republicans cannot rip meds out of 22 Million constituent hands, so there has to be a submitted solution and new plan. This doesn’t happen in a few months, so this is complex. But it’s gone. For sure. They’re ready to “sharpen their knives”.

But Salt Lake City opinion says that repeal is a nightmare, and sign up is surging since Trump won the election (because of a likely need for no gap in coverage due to pre-existing clauses in new legislation.

11) Evolution in schools? No seriously, I am sort of worried. Pence doesn’t believe in it. No more arguments on faith or authority. That’s not how the real world works anymore. STOP IT.

12) Inter-racial Marriage, Equal Rights… no idea.

He’ll back off of this…..

13) THE WALL. He can’t build this. It doesn’t make sense and it costs too much. It won’t happen.

14) Banning Muslims? Can’t happen.

15) Immigration squads? Tell me how Infra-structurally, operationally, practically, ideologically, bureaucratically, logistically. It would be a nightmare. It’s not conceivable.  Plans like waivers and amnesty for illegal immigrants with children citizens born in our country might be in trouble.  Sanctuary cities will be on the radar.  He’s hired illegals, and he gets the industry. They are not taking our jobs… picking berries, housekeeping, or dishwashing isn’t high on the white dude’s list of dream careers. Actively deporting people would be crazy.

16) Minimum Wage? The trickle down is in effect… but not sure what he can do here. Remember, the checks and balances aren’t just the branches, but the states.

17) Civil liberties and Privacy? In this modern world I wouldn’t trust that we ever really had them… but they will erode.

18) Anti-Trade? Okay… the TPP is toast. But GOP and THE WHOLE DAMNED WORLD have been gloriously pro-trade. So what to do?  It’s a simple economic fact…. tarriffs on Mexico and China will create a trade war, and that will create a recession.  If he thinks a closed loop of American production and consumerism is the answer, he’s pretty out to lunch about markets.  We can’t even support modern manufacturing because of the amount of infrastructural changes to modern plants vs what we have existing in the rust belt.  It’s automation now, that path has been marched down. No getting the robot genie back in the bottle.

19) NATO – making others pay more, or withdrawing? We’re so committed, and that would be so complex, it’s not likely. People want answers on this sooner than later, and it’s a pretty big deal since Russia admitted contacts with Trump’s people.

20) Police state and prison stuff? This is definitely scary…. even the military industrial complex scored big on the stock market. I also assume marginalized people will be buying weapons and statistically hurting themselves or loves ones.




The point is, it is early. We don’t know what he’ll do. He’s a wild card, and as mentioned was a Limo Liberal for decades. He could get in and say “OF COURSE I LIED TO GET THOSE STUPID PEOPLE’S VOTES”. He could be a Hillary shill that didn’t expect to win, and he will go rogue with policy. He seems to troll the GOP more than the left, so it could be interesting that we have a Trojan Horse…. and whatever is inside is absolutely anyone’s guess.

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