So… are jobs obsolete?


Simply brilliant and thoughtful article.

There’s PLENTY of jobs for high skilled people. Robots and tech is killing union jobs for unskilled labor, the internet has made thousands of types of jobs obsolete or redundant. The Post Office is about to default.

So… the future is now. We can no longer orient a society around employment and productivity, so what do we do?


Also.. The Economist special report this week is a WONDERFUL explanation of Jobs and the market, and the problem of there being SO MANY jobs available, while no one qualified is around to fill them.

Cue social collapse k thx bai (I kid) – but interesting stuff


I think the first thing we need to wrap our heads around:  how many jobs have been lost…. cumulative and aggregate since the beginning of the internet and the last 15 years of technological revolution.  What is that number? That number is very, very important.  How many have been created, how many lost, and where do we stand?

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