Meaning and purpose isn’t quantifiable like mass or gravity. It can’t be measured…. it’s completely human defined, and as subjective as that makes it, it’s totally individual.

I think I stopped looking for meaning. I actually, originally, lowered my expectations.

That’s a key to happiness. But then I took one more step, and thought “What if I simply removed expectation?”

It’s the natural, next step…. and it’s quite a folly that it’s very zen like….

….just being, just existing, not expecting. I am trying my best, but meaning is found in moments, glances, friendships.

It’s not simple. It isn’t a constant. I fall backwards, but such is the instability of life, and our human condition.

Also, if meaning and purposes can be lack of expectation (ripping away the chance of entitlement from your life), then my meaning and purpose is to remove cynicism with skepticism, and then move even further from there into curiosity. And I find that so much of life is now brimming with bemused charm, instead of feeling I always need to have an opinion on things.

Of course, I still fall into those traps. It’s not a struggle, it’s just floating downstream and righting oneself, steering to new courses as new moments appear in front of you.

Meaning is too heavy. It’s like Bill Hicks said, “Never forget… it’s just a ride”.

I listen to a lot of stand up comedy, now too…. sort of thinking of trying an open mic. =)

I think of modern comics as preachers of rationalism, of sorts. They’re important, and treasures. The talented ones should be championed. =)

Most of my meaning is playing with thoughts in my head.

I’ll tell you when I figure it all out. =^D

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