Lobster, the cockroach of the sea, was a sign of poverty and being poor… it became fancy through a powerful rebranding.

The book “Salt Sugar Fat” talks about a lot of things, but the push of cheese in the 80’s and 90’s, as well as an earlier fixation on Philadelphia Cream Cheese, is absolutely insane. The pushing of salt and fat into the marketing success (and failure for health) “Lunchables” is just horrifying:

Then it was bacon…. a glut of low priced pork belly got the meat industry marketing team to think deeply, and figured out how to bribe the restaurant industry to put bacon into everything. They learned it by watching CHEESE ALRIGHT! They learned it by watching cheese….

“Bacon: Why America’s Food Mania Happened”


“You like Bacon because they told you to”

Quinoa was recently known only as poor Andean mountain people’s food, and now there’s not enough of it for those people because the hip, young yoga people love it as a trendy superfood.

What’s more… the marketing push for ethanol (and many, many other factors) actually caused riots in Mexico, because tortillas (a main staple) became too expensive for the poorer Mexican families.






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