Most skeptical people know this. Most liberals mindlessly (per usual) confused “local” with “organic” which is *HILARIOUS* to think that trader joe’s veggies have the largest carbon footprint in the world, and not only aren’t better but decay faster as they have been on a barge for a long time getting to you. So stop organic marketing and buzzwords, eat local, know your farmers, and stop being idiots.

also.. read this economist article about food politics:

if that doesn’t work, it’s here too.
or here for future 404’s – with the leader called “good food”

If you really want more data, dig in to my older post.

One of my favorite lines in history was a response to the Economist article in the letters section of the magazine. That organic is ridiculous, and “something as prosaic as buying an apple denotes your social class and education level”. Pro-Organic people were so dogmatic. Oh well… they’ll brush it off and not learn any lessons. That’s what liberals always do.

If anyone wants a sticker that says “Green consumerism will not save us” (smallish), and under that (even smaller) – “ethical consumption is a myth”, let me know. I have about 100 of ’em. email me, find me on twitter, etc etc – I can send it.

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