Hmmm… odd.  Really odd. For so many reasons.
1) I don’t like facebook
2) I don’t actually use facebook properly
3) I don’t know you, except through your wife
4) I don’t know your wife, per se.
5) I don’t know any yelpers per se.
6) I don’t know if I don’t know any yelpers, simply because I pay little attention to anything online.  I would say “per se” as a rythmic device, but that seems silly and somewhat immature.
7) I don’t take much time, in general, to drool words at strangers for non specific reasons.
8) the picture of the cat made me type you this numbered list.  i) because I like numbered lists, ii) because your expression, for a non-religious and fairly grounded gent, is magical iii) because you are only connected to a yelper and not a yelper, and frankly i am SOoooOOooooo not a yelper, albeit regarded one by much of the general public, it would make more sense to be friends with a random stranger engaging in a jovial and fuzzy avatar than someone from that silly site that I don’t really regard in any specific way.
9) #8 looked like a googly smiley face, and it made me happy.
10) I didn’t have a #10, but I felt it would be asymmetrical to leave that out.  I also assumed it would be abnormal, and somewhat hipsterish, to move on to 12 or 13 just to show off in some lame attempt at attention.
You are right to ignore this friend request, but still… we may have some fun reading one another’s missives.
If, however, I am mistaken about the sophomoric jovialism in that profile pic, and you are truly ripping the poor animal apart in spite and for fun, do not contact me.  It is not my way.
That last part was sort of silly and morbid, which may have derailed the genuine randomness of this prattling.
If so, ignore altogether, and we will pretend this never happened.

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