It seems unbelievable to me that every time a SJW video goes viral, you have people on the right saying “SEE? The far left are the intolerant, want you to believe like they do; they are fascists”.

Then the alt-right have something go viral, and the left say “SEE? The far right are the intolerant, if you don’t believe like they do; they are fascists”.

But the cancer are the extreme left and right. And the silent majority of moderate centrists just sit back, live their lives, struggle a bit, stay silent, and watch this tired game of ping pong.

The cancer is extremism. The cancer are post-modernist “snowflakes” who don’t realize it’s about a greater and complex community than the self. The cancer are the alt-right goombas that are spewing hate and anger as hollow as it is meaningful or helpful. The cancer are the religious white dudes shooting up abortion clinics, or schoolyards, just as that same cancer are Islamist or Extremist religious types carrying a torch for a fake mystical space pixie, brutally murdering anyone in their path.

The cancer is extremism, and if the moderates don’t speak up with rational defenses, have self respect by vigorously denoting data and scientific evidence, we’re as culpable as these idiots driving us so far apart, such that the chasm will never close.

The cancer is anyone calling other people a cancer, frankly. But it’s more to the point that anyone on an extreme is the problem, and the extremes railing on one another is not only a diversion, it’s a waste of time. They get airplay, but in the real world, they’re actually largely relevant to the majority of day to day life. A normal liberal and normal conservative are interacting, related, loving, married, working together, or any number of things…. while it’s this marginalized group of reactionary left and right that are IDENTICAL, and from there they descend into forms and shades of utter mental illness.

I guess I have a lot of questions, but:

a) how does the gigantic silent majority come out of the wordworks, and put these people in their place?

b) why don’t the news media, politicians, universities, and religious see what’s actually happening…. the pots are calling the kettles black, but they are all the same people. The intolerant and angry Trump rally guy is the same as the intolerant and angry liberal arts post modernist. The Christian willing to kill to stop abortion is identical to the ISIS member killing a Christian or Muslim family.

So what do we do? The crazies on the left think they are right because they are extremist. The crazies on the right think they are correct because they are extremist. The majority of these people are poorly educated, and we haven’t even gotten into the fierce anti-intellectualism in this world, namely because you can control uneducated people far better.

But what do we do? It’s all the same shades of grey, and I’ve been pondering where to enter the fray? Online tapping at a keyboard doesn’t do anything. I wanted to start a party based in data, scientific observation and method, decisions based in research, expert opinion, and none of this “from the gut” “it’s what I believe in my heart and faith” nonsense that is simply destroying the human race?

So, I guess, with all the political content to discuss, above……

How would one go about starting the existence of a viable political party that is rooted is evidence, objective reality (however you reach it in this day), scientific method and observation, data, and rational humanism? Can it even be done? It would be so awesome if we could consciously and methodically check our internal biases, whether algorithmically or through double blind government type setups. Could you imagine a courtroom where a juror doesn’t know someone’s skin tone? What if the judge didn’t know? What if there were ways to create and vet laws that didn’t allow bias or collusion, self interest or triangulation?

Or should we just go back to surrounding the wagons, living our life, protecting our own, and giving up?

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