I love road trips. I love music. Together… at last.
Below, I have helped you out a bit.

Howdy. I am a DJ in SF. I do not take myself too seriously. It isn’t a “I am so special, look at me play other’s people music” thing. We’re just crate diggers and archivist music junkies.

What do you listen to while driving? I do a LOT of classical, some NPR… But love long mixes for drives.

I make mixes for all types. I am posting driving music, not thump thump stuff.

Italian lounge – 2.5hrs of mellow, groovy mid 60’s organ and funk with female vocals

Late 50’s – mid 60’s bossa nova

Very contemporary / modern downtempo idm or trip hop (gets heady and mellow after a feedback crescendo in first 1minute

Upbeat psychedelic lounge jazz (Danger Diabolik!)

Downtempo mellow old school hip hop

Links to streaming here:

We just built a site, but we’re not doing much with it. http://crackerjackdjs.com

I will post links to download files in a bit if people are interested. There is plenty more and always more coming there is some great old funk and soul, even some dubstep, house, at the main link

I want nothing and expect nothing and just love to share music. Hopefully this isn’t spammy and you guys appreciate.. Let me know if you want download links for tracks.

Not sure the gentlemen and women’s comfort level with clicking links… and you’ll have to hunt and peck a *tiny* bit for the appropriate mixes…

A google drive link:


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