In 1997, MTV produced one of the most prescient shows in television history about privacy, surveillance, technology. It was partially funded by U2, had nothing to do with U2 (album outtakes were used as a score), and it was called ZooTV. And it was so amazingly important, and no one noticed. It was so subversive, especially about the marketing at youth…. so they purposefully made it hard to follow and watch. Please watch… it will blow your mind. They predicted youtube, amongst other amazing predictions like personalization, etc.

Could someone get this to Bono, and ask if he has a copy?

Ep 1 part 1

I’ve looked for this for about 15 years. I have a VHS tape I want to digitize, but have been too lazy. This is amazing shit.

All episodes:



This show predicted Youtube in 1997

Eerie Daniel Suarez type pop out of what digital info follows you through life: including mental and health history alongside credit, etc

A set top TV box that decides what you want to watch. Umm…. IE algorithms, personalization, and ….. FINALLY TRUE FREEDOM FROM TOO MUCH CHOICE

Part 2 deals with the body, the changing boundary of what “being human” means, and our programming our DNA. Treating the body like a machine means they can sell you parts.

“They say that when we can talk to a machine without realizing we’re talking to a machine, we’ve invented artifical intelligence. But if we’re talking to machines, did they get smarter, or did we get dumber”

Part 3 – What is really “Alternative”. Because they’re selling it to you. Cobain’s New Wave comment was great…. punk wasn’t a thing until they took the S&M wear and commodified it into a fashion, anyway.

Shaun Stussy –
Alternative is now just a keyword. It is a commercial word.

How to keep secrets… how to keep things hidden.

unbiased unhyped look at youth

how to eavesdrop

Stock n Roll… stock market for bands

The Hidden History of Hip Hop – Alternative Begins in the Streets. This is my favorite thing ever.

alternatives end at the mall: controlling human behaviour to create control via consumerism

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