They were the original hipsters. They love their sweaters, beards, lumberjack look, indie pop, and apparently The Big Lebowski.

They also are markedly homogeneous, with a wildly close knit population that can be traced back to just a few ancestral bloodlines…
NB: The vikings and original Icelandic were tracking bloodlines as far back as something like 9 A.D. That’s wild.

Crazy pants Egill was pretty amazing, and if you ever end up in Borgarnes, I strongly suggest you visit the museum about him.
Those Silver chests are undoubtedly still out there folks!

And going berserk started here… basically getting cabin fever, super drunk, and enraged. Effective. I believe it’s the basis for most video game moves.

Iceland’s homogenous blood line means one of the coolest and most important studies on personalized and genetically tailored medicine is happening there… here’s more:


Utilitiarian beauty out of prosaic and mundane construction projects? YOU BETCHA!




Iceland in 4K in case you forgot your Prometheus demo reel:

Expedition Iceland from Eric Hines on Vimeo.

You can buy the Iceland made sweaters online now, too:

Until I figure out how to embed a slideshow, here’s links to pics!

NORTHERN LIGHTS HOORAY! 25 minute window in 7 days.

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