I would like to name a beer this:

“Ahab’s Whale Tail Pale Ale Tale”
as observed by Ishmael,
bottled by Fishbits.

Please make the back of the bottle note:

“Fishbits accidentally bottled a crisp pilsner in this bottle. –MNGMNT”

I would play the “I am dying” card, but we’re all dying and I just got back from the gym and look fucking good. So hopefully nothing ill fated waits us…. like the crew of the Pequod.

*I will pay for the label all scrimshawed and what not. I will pay for the art, if you go in on the label printing. Bruce, if you are reading this, and want to get back into it, let’s do it. Also, I don’t drink beer much. Maybe home gin?

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I'm.. just this guy, you know?

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