Funny review of a paper clip. Trying real hard & doing it quite well.
There are people that take reviewing so seriously, they are basically niche sit-down comics – reviewing real items sardonically…. not just Amazon. Think of any consumer site. There’s also people that take reviews dead seriously, like they’re saving the world.
It’s so weird. So many endless worlds like rabbit holes into universes.  I wish I had the time.  I really do.
It’s like trade mags…. the print trade magazines have done well during all the print shake up, because they are so very niche. The ad-model is so highly relevant.  And with all our disparate hobbies and interests, there isn’t one social network we could be on that would satisfy all of us.  I’m on a Wrangler forum, seldom, with some awesome and hilarious people… aaand it’s probably the only corner of the internet I’ve clicked on an ad, knowingly.
I have this weird feeling, when the internet settles down, the real meaningful content and interesting stuff will be found in the niche corners of the web vs larger networks.  There will be all these specific realms that more about interests than people you know, and they will do wild, weird, awesome things.  I think we should all find corners of the internet to “subscribe” to, that we otherwise might not be party to.  No offense with respect, but the food/baby/vacation shots ofo “friend” networks are particularly edifying, are they?  It’s important to stay connected, but to what end?  There are impressive worlds to imbibe, yes?  I bet you that drone and robotic usenets and discussion boards are a place to start.
The online world will compartmentalize.  Typically I wouldn’t use that word in a positive sense.  When we get past thinking online networks should be about who you know, and become about connecting like minded hobbiests, innovators, crafters, and thinkers to tinker and experiment and philosophize…. we’re going to see some amazing things happen.  There will be bumps, complexities, etc.  Byproduct of change.
But just you watch. It’s going to get interesting. Unless we mess up and everything goes down and no one knows how to fix it and there’s a plague or comet or something. But whatever.

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