So, since I just had my friend update this blog, and you can actually read it on more than a 1987 monochrome screen, I thought I would compile a bunch of some of my past faves that might get your mind going.  This will just be for people interested in, you know… things.  If you are not interested in things are find yourself exceptionally dull, you may want to send this link to a science-y friend, or just give it to parties from more concerned climes. =)  

Science, Tech, Futurism

Fermi Paradox, Self Replicating Probes, and the interstellar transportation bandwidth


digital inheritance and sentiment analysis


Injecting elegance into Superstring theory


disparate thoughts on losing our humanity, the pressures of stuff, meaning and purpose in moby dick, jefferson’s reconstitution, & Michio’s migration to a parallel universe


Detecting Baloney


HER: the singularity and moment of human irrelevance


I heard you like technology. What is it doing to us?


The storm of the 21st century ripping the 20th century from it’s moorings


The way time ends



Anti-GMO is like Climate Change Denial


Green consumerism will not save us

CRISPR, bioethics, gene editing


Art, Temporality, & Mortality 

The decline of individualism, aggregate super consciousness


The Coming Age: “Privacy” is Nero fiddling


Religion & belief:
Leveling up


more on belief


Lessons from Ishmael


meaning and purpose in a godless universe


There is no such thing as a postmodernist child. Dawkins….


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