It was taken down…. I think Deadpool rights.  Here it is now:


DJ Fishbits presents DJ DEADPOOL mixing random 2015 tracks from a few years ago.

DJ Deadpool mixes an Icelandic winter groove, here. Some odd bits, some odd ends, a few idioms quips and one liners, some horrifying transitions, some talentless mixing, some complex subtext, some boorish behavior. Just like home. Just like Deadpool.

DJ DEADPOOL 2015 Minimal House to Downtempo / Home for Christmas Winter Drive Mix by Dj Uncle Fishbits on Mixcloud

1. Let’s Go For A Ride by TOM WAITS
2. Life Round Here by James Blake and Chance the Rapper
3. Hold On by Sampha w/ SBTRKT
4. Drive Part 1 by Ben Khan
5. Still by JJ
6. Lovesick by Lindstrøm & Christabelle
7. Fade Out Lines by Phoebe Killdeer (Avener Remix)
8. Magnets by Lorde (w/ Disclosure)
9. To Let Myself Go by Avener
10. Help Me Lose My Mind by Disclosure
11. Music Scene by Blockhead
12. Lean On by Major Lazer & DJ Snake
13. Magic Says by Dabrye
14. The Camel by Fat Freddy’s Drop feat. Alice Russell
15. Don’t Look Back by Télépopmusik
16. Hayling by FC Kahuna
17. Straight Speak by Deru
18. Got It by Marion Hill
19. Blanket by Urban Species
20. New York I love You, But You’re Getting Me Down by LCD Soundsystem
21. Outgoing w/ Disney’s Robin Hood

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