This talks about your “digital inheritance”, how people used to burn letters to hide secrets, and now you don’t even control most of your digital footprint in any way.
But a preservationist talking about how librarians need to be prepared for almost all future collections to arrive in digital form, which means these people buy both hardware and software. It’s AMAZING
They did a Reddit AMA too.
Beyond the fun of hearing about all the old tech they collected, they talked about the nature of being a biographer, and opening a person’s entire email inheritance, and then deriving meta data about that person, like going through Susan Sontag’s email, and painting a picture of who she is.
It sounds like it’s a double edged sword, but if there was an app to “compose” who I am via my email discussions, I would actually pay money to see that.  The years of business and play would be fascinating to see, in a sentiment context.
Anyhoo… stuff.

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