You can find so much here at DATAVIS.

This, I believe is the most significant and accessible way for people to understand what is happening here… it’s not just visualizing, but mapping data with controls that access all our senses to encourage a more dynamic understanding and relationship between the data and how we interact with it, and allow ourselves to innovate responses to it.

SubMap torsion in motion from Kitchen Budapest on Vimeo.

You can learn much more about the above video right here on SUBMAP, visualizing locative data on distorted maps:

Also… here is a brilliant and relevant Economist article about data exhaust, and “clicking for gold”

Some oldie but goodies:

Now for rambling, wayward text:

To watch aggregate consumer patterns…. to be able to see a data info-visualization of all the activity might be meaningful to a brand or biz…. but does this matter to my network?

Facebook is a hound for their data. The kind of patterns here would be insane to watch. Think of a famous musician posting their new album and then a big hub influencer buying that album and then watching the people who buy it after that… caterwauling and bouncing around the network.

You could see the first person who posts an image of a disaster in progress, track the reposts of that image, track the people who saw that image and went to CNN and then posted an article, etc.

bottom of this has amazing data visualizations. Stunning, beautiful examples. There is a huge future interpreting data in visual ways. science meets graphic design meets art. It’s sort of epic.

You can get an entire chain of custody mapped in human events. For reporting and journalism, that’s badass…. but think of your field:

You could track the outbreak of a disease or rise of an epidemic through everything from searches about symptoms in certain geographic regions, to aggregate checkin and GPS data about people from certain areas visiting doctors, or mentioning symptoms on social sites.

we are awash in data… more than any time in human history. By the time a human child is 13 or 14, they basically have access to and know more than any other human generation in history, ever.

the task is realizing what is vital (my check in?) and what is not (my check in?)

of course no one thinks about this stuff this way. I also note that FB is slowing down and there is less interaction than 6 months ago. Not sure why. the novelty is wearing off?


the discussion forums here were always secondary. Facebook was always a shallow utility… brazen narcissism. It’s about *YOUR* profile page, your pics, etc etc. It was never about *other people* which is what a *TRUE* social network should be about. The importance of it lies in the weak nodes… your friend who works in hotels that gets me a client, my friend that knows someone that gets you an apartment, or finds someone their mate. Those are the connections that really matter, but those are not cultivated in an environment like this. In fact, they are hidden, continually. I think that makes the network so unstable, or creates a complete lack of usability/functionality. Those “pages” are annoying, because of how they effected groups. Pages were a sloppy attempt at bringing brands in, because they were signing up for fake profiles and trying to interact, watering down the integrity of the valuable “user base” and legitimacy of the network.

They also saw potential in brands on FB, & executed on that quite poorly. All of a sudden as FB grew in popularity, Pages become this self centered “brand” concept, instead of the interactive groups that had some level of meaningful conversation & community. All the groups I am part of *here* [points at Facebook in the air] are just dead. They don’t update properly, anyway. Pages are simply replacing branded websites because you have to go where the people are. It’s harder to get someone to your website than it is to put a booking engine or link to paypal in a page. So Facebook is actually becoming the internet while chilling any real discourse. Except for this. Which is nice.

I could extrapolate on the above… I am so sad that everyone is shrugging and saying FB is the best there can be. Unlike Myspace, companies and other people have invested so much time and money in Facebook.. from tech apps to all sites embedding FB like codes, to huge brands spending way too much on campaigns involving Facebook. I wonder if it’s too big to fail? Is it a monopoly (I have said this a lot) that is tantamount to a public utility and should be regulated as such?

This stuff is way new. I like better. It’s still breathing, and it’s topical, oriented to like minded people interacting around meaningful connecting points. Like a proper social network. the guy who ran that site stole money from it, started Zynga, and has now poisoned our culture with mobwar and farmville games that are rip offs of other programmers. Don’t innovate, simply copy off the guy next to you. Groupon is going to die because of that. How many coupon sites exist now?


there is a lot going on here, and no one seems to talk about it.



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