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If all that is too hippy, too arcane….. self awareness of people ingesting my words quite a bit after my last breath, the earnest humanistic love trumping self shame from sounding so giddily loving and portently 3rd person, me.. a voyuer watching your reaction while long past into shadow….

So contemplate this: For millions of years, our male ancestors are scampering about, throwing rocks at pigeons, running after baby antelopes and wrestling them to the ground, forming a single line of shouting, running hunters and trying to terrify a herd of startled warthogs upwind. Imagine that their lives depend on hunting skills and teamwork. Much of their culture is woven on the loom of the hunt. Good hunters are also good warriors. Then, after a long while—a few thousand centuries, say—a natural predisposition for both hunting and teamwork will inhabit many newborn boys. Why? Because incompetent or unenthusiastic hunters leave fewer offspring. I don’t think how to chip a spearpoint out of stone or how to feather an arrow is in our genes. That’s taught or figured out. But a zest for the chase—I bet that is hardwired. Natural selection helped mold our ancestors into superb hunters.

I am straight ripping this off and reblogging this from Wilbur Hot Springs, a historic hotel and hot springs that I work with here in Northern California.  It’s epic information, and is so vital I don’t Continue Reading…

Why didn’t they look for evidence? Is it because it is much more convenient to believe what you want, when you want, without any data, proof, of evidence? You betcha. These people listen to arguments, on authority, from the likes of Sarah Palin…. just as they mindlessly regurgitate nonsense from the Vatican.