Why is capital punishment devastating to the success and order of modern civilizations?  When you kill innocent people, order falls apart.

Evidence that *suggests* about 175 innocent people were put to death (I am sure that number is debatable), exonerated with DNA evidence. With this Illinois article, they proved that over 50% of death row inmates were innocent and resultingly freed.

Signs of putting more people to death who are innocent……

Let’s End Capital Punishment!

And here is the kind gentleman that we are talking about today…

Troy Davis

read about him… and learn.. and help!!!

So… I have done a lot of activism for my niche philosophical beliefs…. And capital punishment is way up there.Just my two cents in how to get everyone proselytized and energetic in caring about this issue and this man….

Read something he wrote us, that came from this man’s heart.

Unfortunately, we find that activism gets mired in the hapless self centered day to day operations of living life…. It’s hard to pay bills, it’s hard to support your family….“How could I possibly focus on this person in another state?How can I really do anything to make a difference?”People often give up before even trying to help because they think the problem is so much bigger than themselves.Especially something as devastating and frankly, depressing, as capital punishment.

I note that when you challenge someone on their beliefs, prejudices, or thought processes, it can be very hard for people to be receptive.Even if they believe in something (capital punishment) that they have never really thought deeply about.I would venture to say, if you challenged most thinking people on their beliefs of capital punishment…. You would get them thinking and help them realize that:

1)Killing a human being, in no uncertain terms, is unethical.There is never a time it is “right” or “okay” to kill a human.Never.It is more complex than that (self defense, heat of the moment) of course.But that is ethics.It isn’t vague and fluid like morals.Ethics is ethics. 

2) No matter how you view the “state” and its needs in protecting the masses, you can never, EVER justify state sponsored murder.We have all heard it.. but killing someone to show killing is wrong isn’t just hypocritical… it is wildly absurd.


… it seems often with such lofty goals and trying to get to the heart of people you need to do it in a way that doesn’t make them uncomfortable.A lot of people have their mundane existences throttling them such that they feel they wouldn’t have the energy or ability to affect any real change.

That is why I think it is important to realize one way to REALLY get to the heart and soul of the issue is pop culture.It is funny, but the 30 second sound bite culture has a lot of sway.It sort of makes me sick, because instead of getting a group of a few friends together to chat about your beliefs in a panel or debate form (which RARELY happens nowadays)… having someone watch a movie or TV programme is often a much simpler way to approach opening them up to knew ways of thinking, or believing… or filtering the world around them.

Sometimes, giving people the tools to use critical thought to arrive at philosophically sound interpretations of reality isn’t enough, and you sort of have to wage war on their emotions without letting them now. As a skeptic we often have to pull back on our passions so we can get the point across.As soon as you get into a conversation with someone about “why their beliefs are wrong” or telling them that they can do more than they are doing… people don’t listen, they react.They get defensive, feel a lowered self confidence and esteem, and stop receiving your message.

SO… this coffee laden ramble leads me to the main point:

MOVIES! Movies are a brilliant way to subtly get your point across without seeming too dogmatic or accusatory (IE “you need to do more”, or “your view on capital punishment is wrong”)

So I made a list of a couple movies that might be worthwhile and useful for our mission here.I am sorry I come from the “waiting to organize and save something” san Francisco bay area, but organizing a last second movie night with friends would be simple… then have a round table discussion or just chat about Troy in the end….I will chat with Lauren about it.

But if you want to do something similar…. Informal evening with snacks, a movie, and a chat afterwards….

I think it is a powerful tool to use within a community.My two cents:

Dead Man Walking

The Life of David Gale

Even Shawshank, but to a lesser extent.Green Mile too, but it ends up mired in the supernatural and might lose its point.It has an incredible Jesus/Martyr metaphor that is fantastic, however.

I will work different angles and stoke my team of letter writers and devoted advocates for change….

Thanks for alerting me to Troy.It is a cause most of us could do with understanding deeper, and caring about more.


By going here and filling in an email

or using this fact sheet to get others to write in for amnesty


or today.. one quick call…

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE—call the following number today…ASAP:
It is the Georgia Parole Board.  You will get a live person on the other line.




























And keep watching the innocence project!

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