That Cat was the NAAaaazZZzzzzz.

Can you dig infinity? Because I can. In fact, it makes me want to read this book:

The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World. By David Deutsch

“Turning his intellectual searchlight on his own field, Mr Deutsch rails against the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics developed by Niels Bohr and others during the 1920s. The interpretation, which is the most popular explanation of the bizarre quantum world among physicists, suggests that quantum mechanics does not describe the physical world directly but merely talks about probabilities of certain outcomes. Nonsense, says Mr Deutsch, how can mere potentialities affect actual outcomes? Those who question it are criticised for not understanding quantum mechanics. Piffle, he says, science must be questioned, and he promptly leads readers on a tour of what he calls “bad philosophy”.”

That’s so exciting. I always thought it was simply that our human minds weren’t capable of finding the ever increasing nuances of more specific sub levels of information. I never thought it was acceptable to just say “it’s probabilities of certain outcomes”. That sounds intellectually lazy and relativistic. Just because we can’t explain it yet doesn’t mean it’s not more complex. Of course, this is when people jump to the absurd and fill in gaps with their faux logic. Looking for consistency and reason in the chaos… it’s human nature to pontificate on absurdities. As long as philosophy doesn’t waste it’s time with circular references or eek into the seat next to theology… I may tolerate it a bit more. But I don’t suffer it…. I never will. When it gets ungrounded and we tumble down the rabbit hole of illogical opinions and waning reason – I might pounce on them yet.

It’s not in human nature to almost finish a puzzle, and accept that there are a couple pieces missing. We’ll find those final pieces. It just takes time.

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