There’s NO way this will ever end up in search. Ever. There’s also no way anyone’s searching for these oval stickers. Not a chance.

But instead of wasting my time on cafepress, amazon, ebay, etsy, etc… I will just put out there, for the organic algorithmic ranking engines to decide if I am worthy and for those winding their way through the puzzle of spam on the internet….

I have a bunch of stickers I made. Mostly Euro-style white oval stickers made of a thin plastic vinyl that will last at least 4 years on your car before sun damage starts chipping at the white like paint. The stickers are best for glass windows rather than bumpers.

GET YOUR OVAL STICKERS!!! Hell, I like stickers and oval stickers so much, I will get you any you want. I am about to put in an order on a Hawiian island pigeon term, “You want go fast? Try come early”.

One that won’t interest you “Green Consumerism Will Not Save Us; Ethical Consumption is a Myth” which is quite small, but the real ones….

But you Euro style white oval stickers……

One that says TIB w/ Tiburon, CA written under it. 3″x5″ and one that is larger 4×6 I think.

One that says HANA w/ Hana, Maui written underneath – not pictured

One that say SAYU w/ Sayulita, Riveria Nayarit written under it – 3×5

And one, not pictured, that says Buoux, with “Luberon Massif, Provence written under it. 3×5. If you’ve ever been to Aix-En-Provence, Bonnieux, Lourmarin, or the tiny truffle, lavender, and climbing town of Buoux…. well… let’s go back!!

If you found your way here… wow.


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