Bad, BAD *BAD* ads. For so many reasons.

From creepy, to wrong, to just REALLY wrong… the nature of so much advertising is to make you feel deficient. The tactics of marketing are, on the whole, to create equity in something that also dehumanizes and weakens the ego so you will less human and less complete with the actual product. It’s quite brilliant, sort of cynical, completely disgusting and until recently assumed *ALL* marketing and advertising was like that. Well.. it’s not. Because there are good brands, businesses, and products too. Just make sure you speak for the right ones.

The negative side of things, however… well.. in retrospect it becomes a lot easier to spot the vileness of bad ads. Bill Hicks said, “If you are in marketing, kill yourself.” After looking at these, you may agree. From cruelty to lies, creepy to bizarre… enjoy.



ALERT! Rob Lettman let me know the below ad is, indeed, a well spoofed fake. The incredibly interesting story is here.




Others are interesting for different reasons. This is, apparently, a 1979 Pakistani Airline one sheet.

It isn’t meant to be creepy… but retrospectively it gets the creepiest ad of all time award.


And it really would be the creepiest… for real. If this one didn’t exist. Yes it’s a fake. Yes I thank my lucky stars… because even as a fake ad this is something that makes you want to take a shower and cry while doing it. So bad. But it went viral, because that’s where advertising is at.




That’s all for now.  Time to cry myself to sleep.

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