“There is no such thing as Muslim, Christian, or religious children….. there are only children of Muslim, Christian, or religious parents.” – paraphrase of Dawkins.

I really value my relationship with my brother in law… it’s rare I have an opportunity to wax about things that are deeply settled in my mind. My head swims with dark and nebulous currents… nothing necessarily shocking, nor worrying….. but most of the time people’s eyes glaze over, or insecurity forces the chilling of true discourse or any real dialogue about belief. Why is it through centuries we have tolerated the illogical and mindless resolutions of authority without batting an eye? One overwhelming reason is murder and censorship… to be sure.

Atheists are the single most persecuted people of all history, hands down… this is not a discussion. If you want to have a discussion, feel free… but it’s true. That being said, it’s Atheist Sunday!

For people on the fence, playing at Pascal’s Wager…

“O Allah! If I worship You for fear of Hell, burn me in Hell,
and if I worship You in hope of Paradise, exclude me from Paradise.
But if I worship You for Your Own sake,
grudge me not Your everlasting Beauty.”

– Rabia al-Adawiyya (she was amazing – Hitchens mucks up the saying a bit in that video)

It doesn’t work… the wager is a joke. A lovely excercise to be sure, but it’s flawed… if there is a God he would know your true belief. Stop tricking yourself. Read Pen Jillette’s Op-Ed for NPR, “There is no God”, and let it roll around in your noggin’ a bit… doesn’t that feel better? Every hug, every thought, every human you interact with… every moment of your life, all of a sudden, has infinitely deeper meaning. Isn’t that enlightening? If you could just shed the belief for one moment…. think of how much more important every decision, thought, or embrace becomes?

It’s time for you to stop settling with your lack of belief and speak up about it. We are confronted with these damaging and nonsensical ideologies daily… “In god we trust” on our money, God in the pledge of allegiance, minarets and crosses litter our field of vision reminding us of the power and deceit of emboldened institutions that embezzle money or use the cloak of authority to brainwash or rape children.

It’s a powerful and effectively positive force in so many lives, and I would never discount the minor positives… but in the end religion will be the end of the human race, and we need to start taking ownership of our impending failure as an animal and spread rationalism with care and love – bolster and support it as we would a child that is our own…

So all you non believers, or those that are wavering – it’s time. No longer shall we sit idly by during everyday indoctrination and mindless arguments that do nothing but spread hate and ignorance.

Enjoy these videos… The Hitchens one is so even and interesting, thoughtful and as always… well spoken.

But the “Putting Faith in its place” is truly amazing, and markedly well done. It disappoints me that those of faith don’t use reason in a way that will allow them to understand the logic of it. It’s not just sad, it’s the entire problem and point of the post.

The below two videos are wonderful – a treat of an intellectual excercise, but also a curious challenge to those of you with partial or wavering beliefs. Those who are comfortable and settled in their belief system after endless searching will not be challenged or wavered by this… it is a deep and profound respect I have for intellectual theologians and philosophers. If you are challenged by an atheist’s beliefs.. it isn’t our lack of belief that should worry you.. it’s the insecurity of yours.

“Putting Faith in it’s Place”

Christopher Hitchens on Q TV

If you need to know what I *DO* believe in… and not just my lack of faith, and lack of belief…

it’s Love. For others, for myself.

I sit and read and ponder Rumi, and the Tao te Ching. A lot. It might be philosophy, it might be belief. But it’s pure, and it’s the only faith I really have… in love with the capacity of the human animal to overcome all these dark moments in the oppression of free thought.

Love is not my religion, but it is a way of life.

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