The Tea Party is the most important thing in the history of politics. It will finally deconstruct the huge problems in regards to religion being involved with state. I am not saying it as fact, but this party is run by religion, right? Is Religion creating the stupidest, most credulous, least rational, and loudest, people in politics? What is this doing to the country, speaking of values and morals?

Does this fear and mob panic without thought find it’s roots in the religion that they all “cling to”? The behavioral systems are in place, and the knee jerk faith based arguments without proof seem popular. And *actually* questioning or seeking truth… nope. Not a bit.

I am not totally sure.  But as David Cross says (Think of Lott, Thurmond, Santorum):

Republicans have some awesome racists… awesome. Uh… some great racists, great sexists… Homophobes? A-Number-1.  Absolute A-number-1.  Crazy, crazy homophobic, crazy people. And look – listen – I’m not saying that all Republicans are racist, sexist, homophobes… just the people they choose to elect into office to represent them are. That’s all.”

The whole Tea Party model of fear based control with authoritarian arguments that chill normal discussion – that exist without a shred of evidence or proof – matches the model of religious faith extraordinarily well.  It’s dogma, it isn’t discourse.

It’s not politics… it’s madness and hysteria, self delusion through mob rule.

So what is all this?

It’s obvious that I could embed endless Palin fan interviews, etc.  Those people are the book sitings were insane as well.  Or what it that… it isn’t stupidity.  It’s not that these people are dumb.  It’s that they lack critical thought, and through decades of rural brainwashing we have people with highly undeveloped critical faculties.

It’s not about intelligence, it’s about being given the chance to develop the tools of critical thought.

Even if *you* are a religious person (which I doubt you are if you are reading this) – who do you want running the country? Who do you want with the finger on button which starts global thermo-nuclear war?  Someone who prays for guidance, or someone who listens to experts and amasses all the data prior to making a logical, informed decision?

Why is this even a conversation?

Let’s review…..

First, I *must* include Paladino…  He may not be expressively religious, but he does lack some level of critical thought.  Hell, we all do. I am sure there is stuff out there in regards to myself that will come back to haunt me.. Stuff that seemed like a particularly good idea at the time. But Paladino… and his emails of sexism, racism, and bestiality? His excuse is that he’s in construction, and that he gets stuff like that all the time.  My thought is that I work with construction groups, and they treat email fairly seriously, sort of for reasons precisely like Paladino.  The glaring omission is not that he received him, but that he *forwarded* him.  “Ahh.. what awful trash.  Better send it ’round.”

“I don’t know if they’re true.” Umm… yeah. Think harder. “It’s the Democrats”…. ummmm….

His stuff is NSFH – Not Safe For Home. So like most men, apparently he does that stuff at work and on the campaign trail. Bloody brilliant!

What about Basil Marceaux? “Planting grass in any vacant lots and sell it for gas. Repeal permits for guns, if you shoot someone, do you go to jail? Nope… you get murdered. You get shot.” We all pray to God, Marceaux? You bet I wish I could. I think Tennessee is praying, to be sure.

Christine O’Donnell – doesn’t like Evolution, and well… Masturbation is a selfish act, and abstinence should be taught to those with lust in their heart, because masturbation is committing adultery.

Phil Davison…..

maybe Aspergers, and how far he has come. But what in the living hell is this? He has been a Republican in good and bad times, to be sure – and that is some ANGRY Einstein quoting. SO ANGRY.

Mr. Barker doesn’t understand our history…

So where does it end?  I am going to keep updating this as I find more oddities and things that make me panic in this freakshow.  Recently, Barbara Boxer was at Book Passage in Corte Madera, and the Tea Party showed up.  If we are seeing this in Marin, the land of corduroys and hybrids, crazy knows no boundaries.  In this case, they didn’t know why they were protesting Barbara Boxer, but they did happily pay her by purchasing her new book to get a seat in the audience… just for heckling.  Apparently, the ultimate tone & message of the protester’s were about death panels…. that’s just sad.  These people are battling fictional maladies.  What’s more, just a few moments of research or reading, it would have debunked?

Why didn’t they look for evidence?  Is it because it is much more convenient to believe what you want, when you want, without any data, proof, of evidence?  You betcha.  These people listen to arguments, on authority, from the likes of Sarah Palin…. just as they mindlessly regurgitate nonsense from the Vatican.

What to do, people?  What to do?

I think the real thing to do is this:  If you consider yourself a rational, community mind, grounded person who employs the scientific method – run for office. For public school board or city council.  We need you – all 7 of you left reading this – or it’s them, and not us.

So this is my call to have Skeptics, Rationalists, Atheists, Humanists, and the centered and balanced side of our population (be the non-center Right *OR* LEFT…. don’t want to forget them) in city halls, governor’s offices, and Washington D.C.

And we sort of need it right now.

Last thought:

A good friend in San Diego, a marine who has and will fight for our country, who happens to be gay, said it this way:

“I was actually thinking about this the other day, in terms of rights. The same people who are concerned about their rights to speak out against building the “Ground Zero Mosque” favor restricting the rights of Muslims to practice their religion. The same people who kick and scream about their rights to carry firearms will kick and scream just as loudly to restrict the rights of women to have abortions. They are all about rights as long as they enjoy the rewards. They claim that anyone else who demands equal access to those rights is destroying the fabric of America, and somehow weakens us as a nation. How can they be so blind as to miss the fact that protesting equality in the name of America is precisely the antithesis of American values? As a Marine who would die for the flag they drape themselves in, their so-called patriotism disgusts me. “

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