Are you working on a spreadsheet? Are you compiling? You’re compiling aren’t you?
You might be just… needing some background that isn’t too foreground.

Control rain, thunder, white noise, coffee shop, birds, waves, wind, fire, crickets, and even singing bowl… fade one or any or all. Enjoy:

or this one:

Unggghh.. which is freaking insanely awesome.

1940’s office sounds? No problem. Industrial Shipyard? Derelict Space Freighter?

Every sound possible. Originally for role playing, and now just for your mind.

Then… the classic…

You can choose police bands from many US cities, San Diego, SF, etc… and it is all paired to ambient music. I like Montreal, as I am not competent at French and it lends an ethereal, ineffable enjoyment, further creating ambience but moving towards the background.


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