I am inconsolable and can’t work. I am not afraid to admit I am crying as if I have lost my dearest friend. ****I am unabashedly asking all of you to share this.****

The Republicans are going to rip apart our National Forests and Parks. They have floated Lucas Oil exec, or Sarah Palin as head of the Department of Interior: http://www.politico.com/…/who-is-in-president-trump-cabinet…

Our National Park Service is the single greatest institution in the history of this country, and they would be turned back over to states who already cannot run their own State Parks. That means privatization, and not the public-private partnership type.

I am devastated and can’t even focus. There’s a lot on the table that is bad (gay marriage likely would be hard to overturn, Roe V Wade not so much), but I’m having a very difficult time understanding what could really happen, here, with our parks.

Beyond the world loving us for our Parks, and the massive amount of tourism income, they’re simply our best idea. Thank you Ken Burns (PBS). This would be the end of what truly makes America great.

And I want our Parks to understand and start preparing for a fight. I have copied all the parks & a few forests (too many to tag, and there’s likely a tag limit), and none of the historic monuments, etc.

So please spread the word that this could be the biggest hit, if they go through with their below policy plans. This isn’t just Trump, it’s the house and senate. Please start this conversation with everyone you know.

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