Hi guys! I am just a guy in Northern California. My wife’s aunt works with Troy, and we have become intimately involved with his plight, and this case. He has changed all our lives with his grace, and patience, and piety. When my wife and I got married, we asked if he had ever been invited to a wedding. He had not. So we sent an invitation, and this is what he sent back: http://www.edternet.com/unclefishbits/2010/06/25/free-troy-davis/

His sweet hearted, good natured personality comes through…. one that is patient and loving in light of being on death row, and about to be murdered, for a crime he did not commit – and even in the most conservative terms a crime that is based on flawed testimony, circumstantial evidence, lacking other viable witnesses, including literal smoking guns and other people actually taking credit for it. It’s a tragedy. How can culture operate sanely if we start taking even the slightest risk that we might be executing the wrong person? We cannot maintain dignity or respect for ourselves with that sort of gross miscalculation of justice…. whether he is guilty is in great doubt, or there wouldn’t be this sort of obvious alarm and awareness about this case… he wouldn’t be on the cover of newspapers and magazines all over the world… people wouldn’t be celebrating his cause, desperately hoping to help him seek some level of real justice. This doubt has called to action millions of people: politicians, celebrities, theologians & religious icons, even everymen and women from every corner of not only this country.. but this planet. There are millions of incarcerated inmates, and thousands on death row throughout the U.S., so why would there be so much dismay and activity over this one, singular, human, gentleman?


That sort of doubt demands proactive involvement…. we cannot allow another “accident” that further degrades our judicial system. There have been 273 post incarceration DNA exonerations: http://www.innocenceproject.org/know/, so it seems prudent, rational, objective, and forward thinking to have the flexibility enough to alter our flawed trajectories before they become ingrained and mechanistic. We need to have the leadership and objective humilty to recognize the past actions do not need to influence our current course. We have every opportunity to take control, recognize mistakes, and revisit Troy Davis’ case with strength and respect for the judicial system as it can be, versus what it may become.

I’m writing to call on you today to grant clemency in the case of Troy Anthony Davis, who faces execution on September 21 despite serious doubts about his guilt.

Davis was convicted almost exclusively on the basis of eyewitness identification testimony, which has been shown through DNA exonerations and thousands of academic studies to be unreliable. Seven of the nine eyewitnesses who testified at his trial have since recanted and strong evidence points to another person as the real perpetrator in the case.

Eight people have been exonerated through DNA testing in Georgia after serving a total of over 100 years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. All eight of them were misidentified by eyewitnesses at their original trials.

Georgia cannot afford to make a mistake with a man’s life, and we urge you to commute Davis’ sentence to life so the evidence in his case can be further reviewed.

Thank you for your attention to this case.


Also, here’s a New York Times article about all this: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/17/us/supporters-rally-to-save-troy-davis-from-execution-in-georgia.html

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