I rambled this off after reading this Economist Obit.  Just a few sentences hit my brainpan……


Brazen and unapologetic, brilliant and engaging… with a soft spot for the warmth of friends.  He was far too rare a man, and it’s to be a lonely walk down the rest of the corridor, without the laden profundity he could espouse to the night.  I miss him, a lot. His death wrattled my “soul” – and am now healthier than I have been in a long time, as I watched him decay in the last year due to excesses and genetics.  He parried with lightning fast recall, and carried a secondary scimitar of wit. His loss is bigger than journalism, skepticism, or politics – and it is now our duty to intone that fiery intellect in ourselves…. and move forward in time making him immemorial.

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