Far more surprises that I might have expected.  This is actually worth reading… it talks about why some “health” foods are a scam, how gluten is REALLY bad for you if you aren’t celiac, and just how easy it is to create healthier and more convenient options than the stuff you are buying that is meant to be convenient. VERY worth a flip through the slideshow.

I disagree about the cheese, because my palette is sophisticate and stuff, guize.  But other than that…. on board.  The sugars in pre-made marinara vs a bunch of crushed tomatoes you season yourself is a GREAT point.


Can someone link me to studies about artifical sweeteners and diet drinks, please? I have heard it’s bad, and assume so, but have seen no credible evidence or study with appropriate sampling?

Link above for better descriptions, but since you are busy and don’t click links, just remember these:

Real Parmesan Cheese ( I disagree )
Smoked and Cured meats – prolly should include BBQ.
Fake “blueberry” in foods
multi grain bread
reduced fat peanut butter
bottled teas
tomato based pre-made pasta sauces
swordfish, fish with high mercury
energy drinks
gluten free
flavored non dairy milks
cellulose / wood pulp
“gourmet” frozen veggies
microwave sandwiches / foods / frozen
frozen fruit bars (too easy to make at home)
boxed side dishes / boxed rice, etc
white rice
energy / protein bars
spice mixes (overpriced and you can do it yourself)
powdered drink or tea mixes
bottled water
salad kits
individual serving sizes of anything
trail mix (can make on own)
gourmet ice cream
pre-formed meat patties

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