That video is nutso, because we’ve actually created a human image that doesn’t exist, and possibly cannot. But we idolize it, completely, and it’s become a goal for so many. Now we are all trying to become more human than human, which is sort of monomaniacal. The Tumblr FitSpo and ThinSpo thing is out of this world bizarre. Social Media can help bring people together, but it’s really just an amplifier… so it can help mentally ill people congregate and reinforce their ills (I know I hang out with drunks, online. But those may just be must humans. Please do not mistake the dry tone for seriousness. Imma just playin’, as they say in the parlance of our times).

The scariest part is that we have all the real world technology to do and pursue that faux image, efficaciously, at this point. We have created an image of “perfect” humans, and now we’re at the point where we will become that plastic vision.  This, along with the coming singularity, is positively fascinating.  But I find myself curious about everything, and everything is interesting. It’s hard to find oneself bored, in this respect.


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